Analytics data messed up after database migration (crunching numbers)


I had to perform a database migration last week.

after I imported the .sql file to the new database, podlove’s ANALYTICS tab doesn’t show any data:


when parsing the errors in the apache log, I get the following information: [Wed Mar 09 14:55:08.576987 2022] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 2462862:tid 1402420694 -

wordpress debug also returns the following errors: [09-Mar-2022 15:46:47 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: source in /home/bitcast -

Here’s my blog setup: Website https://bitcast.sitePHP Version 7.4. -

please does anyone know how to fix this error? I couldn’t find answers.

obs: the ‘podlove_downloadintent’ and ‘podlove_downloadintentclean’ tables continue to receive data from the episodes played normally.


obs2: I already tried to use all the tools available in the plugin like: ‘Start User Agent Refresh’; ‘Download Intent Cleanup’; ‘Download Aggregation’; and 'all functions on ‘General Maintenance’


looks to me like something went wrong during the database migration.

See for example this from your log:

Unknown column '%UserAgentRefreshJob' in 'where clause' para a consulta\n\t\t\t
SELECT \n\t\t\t\t*\n\t\t\t
bittable_podlove_job j\n\t\t\t
WHERE `class` LIKE "%UserAgentRefreshJob"\n\t\t\t
ORDER BY `updated_at` DESC\n\t\t\tLIMIT 0,1\n\t\t

Your database somehow thinks “%UserAgentRefreshJob” is a column rather than a value. However usually double quotes (") indicate values in MySQL. Maybe it’s configured differently on your end now?