Analytics: Show download data based on user_agent_ID and media_file_id


I wonder if this has ever been discussed:

As far as i can tell the data for “download” in the analytics is based on a query of “wp_podlove_downloadintentclean”. The number of downloads seems to be based on a count (*).

If so, the label of download should be more a “download of fragments of an episode” and not “downloads” because this suggests that as many users have downloaded a full episode.

Or as a different approach maybe the query could be altered to user_agent_ID and media_file_id. In this case a download would be counted for a user who downloaded many fragments of an episode as one download.

Maybe i am completely wrong?


If I understand you correctly you worry multiple download requests by the same user/device are counted multiple times. We already try to generate more “unique” requests by using a request_id, which includes the user agent and IP in hashed form.

The “Data Cleanup” section here explains it:

exactly! that is what “concerns” me.

See attached files:
I got 5 requests, all having the same request id but in the analytics module this is shown as 5 “downloads”. 1 person listened to 1 episode of my podcast but looking at the analytics module i would think there where 5 people listening to 1 episode.

Hope i am not totally wrong. Thanks for looking into the topic.

If i can provide more information, please let me know!!

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uploading the screens again…

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