Analytics (Unkown Clients/Locations)


Personally, I can’t quite figure out the integrated and detailed analytics. Most of the downloads at Podcast-Client/Operating System are always at “Unknown”. Regardless of which episode it is, this is always between 90 and 100%. Is there a possibility to track this more exactly or from which location these downloads can come? By that I don’t mean the exact geographical location. Are they podcast clients that the plugin doesn’t know from you or can’t identify for certain reasons?

Don’t misunderstand, I’m glad that these analytics are included in your plugin, apart from the basic download numbers we can’t exactly deduce from where most people listen to our podcast (player/client/app/browser etc.).


Client Location is based on the request IP Address and that’s not a very accurate science, so that number of Unknowns is not too surprising. (we’re using a maxmind geo database)

However podcast clients and operating system are usually much better known/detected. Only a look into the database can show why it is like that – but it’s not supposed to be like this.