Apple Metadata Best Practices

I got an email from Apple today, and I imagine others may have gotten the same email.

In part, this email said, “We encourage you to use the itunes:episode tag to send us your episode numbers. If you decide to include episode numbers in your episode title tag, you should also provide an episode title without an episode number in the itunes:title tag. Remember that itunes:title should not contain episode or season numbers. Your show won’t be removed only for including episode numbers in episode titles, but we encourage you to use the episode tag as a best practice.”

I like the idea of not including the episode number in the episode title. How can I accomplish this while keeping the correct metadata?

Actually, can we please have new metadata tags added for the itunes categories, especially itunes:title?

These metadata tags are not new and have been available in Podlove Publisher since release 2.7.0. Please refer to its release notes for details.

The “Title” field is the entry field for itunes:title and you can see that the description already matches Apple’s latest recommendation.


For converting an existing set of titles to the new metadata fields, the module “Title Migration” provides an assistant.

Yes, unlike 9littlebees, I know they already exist and have existed in the software for some time, and I’m using them. What I want to do is to eliminate them from the episode post title.

In other words, I want to keep the episode number in itunes:episode, but I want to remove the episode number from the episode post title.