Apple Podcasts issue

Evening. Iv finally got everything working however have a issue I’m hoping someone can advise on.

The podcast works fine on the web the feed works in all podcast apps and plays in all apart from Apple podcasts. When downloaded in Apple podcasts it says content unavailable even though it has downloaded.

Any ideas what’s going wrong plays fine in all other podcast apps and downloads in all just won’t play in all Apple podcasts. Anyone come across this?


It would help if you could refer to the podcast in question.

Yeah sure i didn’t know if there was a issue with podlove and Apple Podcasts that’s all.

It’s The PodChat Show. The rss is


It says this podcast is temporarily unavailable. I have another podcast that I have just moved over to Wordpress and the Podlove plugin and this is also doing the same thing the feed for that is

Just seems to be apple podcasts is there a setting I am missing

The feeds look fine. There is no known incompatibility between Podlove Publisher and Apple Podcasts/iTunes.

Since you moved your show, did you make sure to permanently redirect the old feed to the new feed URL?