Apple Podcasts: Show Notes Formatting + Spacing

Hi everyone!

I’m having some issues with formatting my show notes on Apple Podcasts. I struggle to manage the difference between just going to the next line and creating a new paragraph (i.e. having one empty line in between).

It seems that

just goes to the line.

What’s the standard that I should follow?

Thanks a lot,

At this point, we don’t even know if Apple will continue supporting HTML in shownotes. iOS 14.5 has shown a possible move back to plain text. We don’t know if it’s a bug or a design change. Therefore I wouldn’t invest too much time here and just wait for now.


Ok. Thanks, @Joey. Let’s see how things evolve. :slight_smile:

Hey Joey,

are you aware if it will be really just plain text or maybe Markdown at least?

It seems that Apple Podcasts just added HTML link. They used to not show up, now they show and can be clicked and visited through the iPhone app.

Not sure they are going to give up on HTML soon.

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There was some kind of middle ground where things like would get translated into a real link.

However, my most recent testing has shown that this might have been a bug that is now fixed:

HTML seems to be back. Things are now the way they’ve been before. Finally.


Thank you for retesting it and replying back. Good news! :slightly_smiling_face: