Auto-delete of shows


I’m searching for a podcast publishing solution that can automatically delete shows for example 7 days after they have been created. Would that possible with podlove publisher?
If you’re asking why this is required: Legal / license reasons, e.g. only allowed to distribute content for 7 days after recording.

tl;dr: in my opinion, this is doable, but not out-of-the box

Since Podlove is a plugin for Wordpress, you can use other plugins to do what you want. PublishPress Future for example lets you set a date and time when a post (in our case an episode) should be deleted/removed. Then they don’t appear in the RSS feed anymore.

However, the files will probably still be accessible from players and services that have stored the RSS feed before the episode is removed again. Those files, you also need to take care of. For that, you will most likely have to write a CRON job that takes care of that. In combination with a good naming scheme of your files, it should be relatively straight forward - but it will need some knowledge of basic CRON job creation and usage.

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