Automatic episode numbering not applying correct episode number

Hello folks,

I have noticed that the automatically inserted episode number is not correct when I want to create a new episode in WordPress. I enabled the corresponding option in the plugin settings under Modules > Automatic numbering.

When I create a new episode via Episodes > Add, an episode number is inserted in the corresponding field, but it is not the number that should be there (e.g. my last episode has the number 520, but the automatically inserted number for a new episode is 701).

Can I change a setting somewhere to declare from which number the automatic episode number should continue counting? Can someone help me find out why the automatically inserted numbers are wrong in the first place?

Thanks a lot for any hint!


Just a hint: make sure that you don’t have an episode numbered “700” by mistake. I noticed that Podlove will look for the episode with the highest number and continue from there.