Bio text field for contributors


back in the old Github forum I talked to @timpritlove about a bio text field for contributors. In my case, I need a 500 letter text that I want to display on a custom contributor page. Basic markdown support would be nice but that’s definitely not a must for me.

As the old topic was closed without further comments I just wanted to readdress this feature request. Did the developer team already make a decision about that?

Thanks and best regards,

No. We still aim to get rid of the affiliation section. When we do this, introducing something like a “summary” or “biography” seems to make sense. No timeline for that yet, though.

If markdown support is coming, then most probably via Twig filters, so it can be applied to any field. Example usage: {{ contributor.biography|markdown }}

Alright, thank you! The twig filter sounds reasonable, this should work for me.