Browser Compatibility?

I’ve been searching for information about browser compatibility, but I haven’t been able to find a list of supported browsers. Is there a list of supported browsers? Thank you.

Browser support for what? Podlove Publisher is mostly an admin interface, the public website is done by the chosen WordPress theme. There’s no special browser support required.

Thank you for responding! I’m sorry, I meant the Browser compatibility for the Podlove web player – not the admin. Thank you!

And to be more specific, I’m wondering about compatibility for the podlove web player in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, I still have users using IE. I noticed with the last update, that the player now at least loads in IE as an HTML5 audio player. Before that, nothing would load in IE. This made me wonder if you support only specific browsers with the podlove web player. Thank you.

Podlove Web Player only supports modern browsers. So only the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.