Can't reach assets: php-errors


I can’t seem to delete this message. It’s a wonderful fairy tale of RUN ALL THE FUCKING UPDATES BEFORE POSTING and I am both ashamed and deeply sorry if I wasted anyones time. Podlove was not the problem at all and runs just like i expected it to.
Thanks again!

Original message:

Hey guys,

I know there exist two similar topics about this problem, but none of them seems to solve my problem.
I’ve set up a fresh wordpress blog and created a directory within the uploads area (though the path seems to be irrelevant, I tried other locations and had the same problems) /wp-content/uploads/podcasts/ and published a audio file (mp3) to get started with podlove.

The error stack is as follows:
[2015-06-23 22:00:21]
Unexpected http response when trying to access remote media file. fluss_ep001/MP3 Audio
[2015-06-23 22:00:21]
— # Can’t reach
— # Please include this output when you report a bug certinfo:

The file is located on the same server, cURL is installed (newest version), PHP is activated. the file is available if requested directly via URL (works with cURL as well) and the slug and directory are specified correctly as well (using the given link in the browser opens the file). The directory has been granted access, it is open to public and has public read and execution rights. Oh yeah, I saw this in another thread, the http-headers delivers a content-length as well.
I fear I am pretty much lost without your help. Podlove fits my needs in every way, so I would be unbelievable happy to get it up and running.

If you have further questions I will answer as fast as I can.
Thank you for your support!



Not really a “Meta” topic :slight_smile:

Can you please provide the information as stated in the “Support” menu too?