Change The Podcast Feeds Subscribe URL

I don’t use the default path to the subscribe feeds. I tried to change the option for rss but doesn’t exist this option. How do I change the path of my feed?

You can only change the last part of the URL by changing the feed slug in the feed settings.
If you really want a custom URL, you need to create a HTTP redirect on your server that redirects the URL you want to the Podlove Feed URL.


i have the same Problem. My Podcast is stored in a different folder on my webspace and not in the Wordpress Installation, and the Subscribe Button is not working right. The Player and everything else is working right.

The Feed Link which is created by the Subscribe Button is:

The One which works for me right is:

So i am trying the Redirect in the Expert Setting and set a Permanent Redirect, but it still doesn’t work. Everytime i click the Subscribe Button and navigate to “Other App”, i always get the wrong Feed Link. Is there any Solution to set this Link? Or a way to only edit the Link of the Subscribe Button in the Code itself?

Thanks in advance, WWSelec

The URL is the one created by Podlove Publisher. How does the other URL related to that feed? I don’t get it. <- Is the One, where my Feed and MP3s are stored. The Websiteplayer and everthing is based on this Folder, everthing works fine, only the Subscribe Button does not, so asked myself, if there is a way to edit this myself. The Wordpress Site is in my Webspacefolder Hope i explain myself understandable.

And which software “stores” there? The Podlove Publisher knows nothing about that URL if it is configured on another host.

I configured everthing in the Podlove Publisher to this URL in the Backend Setting from Podlove Publisher and in the way, everthing works - “Show URL” “Play” and “Download” by the Webplayer - i thought that there is a way i can also change the URL in the Subscribe Button.

I understand that the main goal of Podlove Publisher is to automate, manage and publish from it’s own folder. When i started with the Plugin i haven’t got any clue about the way it works, now i only want to make a little work-around for myself by editing the Subscribe Link to my own destination URL/Feed and not the automated Link by Podlove Publisher.

I am a little a bit afraid to move everthing to the Plugin Folder, because before i started to use the Podlove Publisher Plugin in Wordpress in this way, i only published the Podcast at iTunes and i don’t know how this moving around will work for me. But if you tell me there is no other way of fixing the Subscribe Link because of automation and how the Plugin works, i am trying to move and build it up fresh.


There is a setting in “Podcast Feeds” which sets the Subscribe URL for my created Feed and this URL directs to the wrong address: and when i am trying to edit this Feed there is only an Option to change the last Part ("_100pro_podcast") of this Feed in the Option “Slug” and i am looking for way to change the first part (“”) of this address. Hope i made it a little more understandable :slight_smile:

The feed at is not generated by the Publisher. If you are using the Publisher, you should let it generate the feed (located at /feed/<whatever-you-configure>). If you want to generate the feed yourself … to be honest, I don’t see why you would use the Publisher at all.

That’s right, i created this xml file myself, but i’m trying to creat this one by the Publisher itself and see how this will work.

The whole point of the Publisher is to be in control of the feeds. If you want to do your own feed stuff, I don’t know why you would want to use the Publisher at all.

Because i wanted to use the Webplayer and the Subscribtion Button in my Layout and i wanted to do the hole xml Feed Part by myself. I understand it very clear that the main Goal of the Publisher is to automaticly creat the hole Podcast. But when i am looking at the setting of the Publisher in the Backend of Wordpress, and the way i started to use the Publisher Plugin, which works for me, there are so many individual settings which lead me to the conclussion that it might not be so difficult of setting up a simple link of the Subscribtion Button. But anyway i get it. The Podcast Publisher was the wrong Plugin for me, i have to start using your Webplayer and Subscribtion Button Plugins and not the Publisher Plugin but i still don’t understand why there is no way to manuell editing this Subscribtion Link. So the Subscribtion Button in the Publisher has to work in a different way than in the stand-alone plugin.