Chapter Images in Web Player

Hello Podlovers,

I was skimming through the forum to find information about the current status of chapter images shown in the web player. Is this possible with the new version or are there still limitations to do that?

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Hey Martin,

if you provide a chapter image in the publisher it will be shown in the cover part of the player. Thats the case since Web Player 4 and also works in Web Player 5.

Hey Alex,

sounds great – but I’m confused… Do I have ti upload the images separately and where? I thought the images were part of the audio files…?

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Hey Martin,

the player uses the PSC standard for representing chapters. It doesn’t parse the mp3 file since a podcast episode could be in a m4a ogg or mp3 container format we need the information independently and would also introduce a request to the audio file in order to render.

I tried to find the chapter image interface in the publisher but wasn’t successful :sweat_smile: Maybe @ericteubert could shed some light to that issue.

As a Podlovers regular I assume it’s either a missing activated module and / or a missing asset :rofl:

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Good guess :wink:

But the Publisher currently does not provide the UI to manage chapter images.

… and here’s one reason why. I could add an image field to the chapters UI where you can enter URLs. But you would have to manually upload the images somewhere and copy the URLs. That’s screaming for automation. But here I’m not sure how the ideal workflow even would look like. Are images setup in Auphonic? Does Auphonic copy them separetely next to the audio files? Since we want to allow remote-controlling Auphonic from the Publisher as well, we’d still need the image UI in the Publisher – with image Upload withing the Publisher?

Many non-trivial questions.

As an aside, PSC v1.1 introduced the image attribute and v1.2 removed it – or so I thought. Because does not mention v1.2 and the removal of the image attribute :man_shrugging: Anyway, the PSC format is not the issue here, we can just use v1.1, which apparently is the latest documented version.

Maybe you can describe your current workflow and how you would like it to be. From a development perspective, adding the image fields to the chapter UI is the quickest way, although it will need some manual copy&pasting of URLs.