Chapter marks stopped working on Spotify?

Hello again everyone.

I have a question. I’m pretty sure my podcast on Spotify had the chapter marks system working properly. It was even an incentive that I always had the chapters in the episodes.

But I went to check it out now and apparently the chapters no longer appear on the podcast on Spotify.

Do you guys know if there was any update that might have changed how the function works or if it broke in some way?

I looked here and found nothing about similar problems.

As I said, I don’t remember 100% if it was working on Spotify, but as far as I remember it worked at some point. Does anyone know what could be going on?

Link to an example episode on Spotify:
Post on the same episode website:



I can only guess here: Spotify renders chapter marks from timecodes in the episode description. Similarly as Youtube does. I reckon it could be possible, that they don’t use PSC anymore.

Yeah, from what it looks they are now using the description like timestamps (the user clicks and it goes to the correct time).

But i’m 100% sure that before it looked like a chapter system, like this image:


I’m really confused about what’s going on. I couldn’t find any information if something changed or how to get back to the chapter system using the the Chapter Marks from Podlove as I’ve always used it.

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I don’t think, Spotify will give an opportunity to use PSC-Files (or MP4chaps) again.