Configure episode player


I was wondering it anyone knows if it’s possible to configure what options should be displayed on the player.

By default, the player shows the episode featured image, the more info icon, the time navigation controls, etc…
But in my specific case, I want to see the normal when reading a post BUT, on the header of the blog I want to show a show a smaller/ more compact version of it with the latest episode. So I was wondering if using the templates I could do that OR if I will have tp mess up with the CSS in order to achieve that.

Also, is it possible to choose the theme of the player using the templates? (like, on one place I show the player with one theme and on specific pages show the player with a different one?

Many thanks,

  • Miguel

At the moment it’s not possible to configure player settings via its shortcode or template tag. Your best bet would be hiding/showing elements using CSS.

Currently only one player type can be active at the same time. It would take some adjustments internally to allow different player engines to be active at the same time and switches on a config/parameter basis.