Contributors: "Configure email notifications" throws an error


I have just installed the latest version of Podlove Publisher. After that I activated the e-mail notifications for contributors and wanted to change the settings in the corresponding tab. I have already defined contributors, groups and roles.

It does not matter if I change the default settings or not. When I click on Save Changes, I always get the following error:

Fehler : Die Optionen-Seite podlove_page_podlove_contributor_settings wurde nicht in der Liste der erlaubten Optionen gefunden.

My best guess what it is supposed to mean in English:

Error : The options page ‘podlove_page_podlove_contributor_settings’ was not found in the list of allowed options.

Translated the issue to english.

I looked for a solution in Stackexchange and I guess this may be it(?) I have no idea though and I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe @ericteubert got an idea?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This looks to be the same issue reported over at Sendegate:

Created an issue: