Correct daily totals

I inadvertently entered the wrong path for an episode’s mp3 file, which inflated my numbers for that episode with all the clicks from people trying to download it. So I deleted the bad download records from wp_podlove_downloadintent and wp_podlove_downloadintentclean, then clicked Start Download Intent Cleanup followed by Start Download Aggregation in the back end. It cleaned up the 4w and overall totals, but the 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, and 1w are still inflated. How can I fix?

Those should also be fixed by doing what you did. Maybe all you need to do is clear the caches (also under tools).

I tried before without success, but I tried again just now.

First I clicked Clear Caches.

Then I clicked Attempt Repair.

Since I have WP-SpamShield installed, I also cleared that cache.

Just for good measure, I clicked Clear Caches once again in Podlove > Tools.

No dice. The inflated numbers still appear for that episode.