Creating podcast subcategory

Hi, I’m a first time podlove user.

My goal is to use podlove to create two separate podcasts via the one plug-in. That is, I’m wondering if Podlove will allow me to select a subcategory so that when seen on iTunes or Spotify, my podcasts are two distinct podcasts rather than one.

Can someone please tell me where I need to make the subcategory/filter edits and how to do them. I’m not an experienced WordPress developer so please submit any recommendations in beginner language.

Thanks so much.

Hello Philip, you might want to have a look at the “Shows” Feature. You have to enable it in the “Modules” Setting of Podlove. From there you can create a distinct feeds for your shows and whenever you create a new episode add them to one of them. I hope this helps.

Hi Nitramred. Thanks for your kind response - much appreciated. This box has been ticked already but the problem still exists. Wondering if you have any other suggestions