Custom Feeds per (Patreon/Steady)User?

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I tried to find infos about custom feeds here in the forum and on but I couldn’t find anything. So my question is: Is it possible to generate a custom feed per user which is active as long as the user is active on patreon/steady?
Patreon itself offers such custom feeds but you have to upload your audio-file to a patreon server and i’m pretty sure this means that all the nice feed-info like chapter-marks etc. will be lost. I’d prefer to have the feeds directly managed by podlove. Is that possible?

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No, there is no feature for this at the moment.

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Thank for the clarification. Good to know that I just didn’t see it in the docs. Then I’ve to think about a different solution.

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One manual workaround I’ve seen:

  • only serve one audio asset (mp3)
  • manually create one feed per subscriber, setting a “random/secret” feed slug
  • manually delete feed when subscription ends

Of course that is very low-key and only works until a certain amount of subscribers.

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