Delete all analytics data?


Hi all,

I just recently had some problems with my server / provider / amount of traffic. Sad that my provider thinks that success -> high traffic is a problem, but hey. Thing is: I had to reduce traffic a lot, and I decided to deactivate Piwik (…) and all Podlove tracking. I have tracking in Podseed, that should be sufficient.

Now, what can I do to remove all previous tracking data from my various installations without messing up? Can I safely delete all rows in podlove_downloadintent tables? I want to clean up so backups run faster and produce smaller files. I’m fine with losing analytics history (didn’t have analytics data from the beginning of any of my podcasts anyway).



Yes, you can safely empty the following tables if you want to get rid of all analytics related data:

  • podlove_downloadintent
  • podlove_downloadintentclean
  • podlove_geoarea
  • podlove_geoareaname
  • podlove_useragent


Thanks Eric, very helpful and worked like a charm :smiley: