Descriptions in feed are not showing correctly

The Descriptions for the episodes of my podcasts used to be showing up fine and correctly. However now they are all just displaying this message when I look at them on my phone:
The post {episode title} appeared first on {link to my site}.
The info still shows up under the description in the iTunes store, however.
Instead of the description I have step up in the episode post.
Is there some setting that I am missing?


Are you using a plugin like Yoast SEO?

Yes – How adjust?

There is a setting within the Yoast SEO plugin that will add that to your RSS feed. Turning that off might solve your problem. But: It should only add those lines, not replace everything. Therefore I’m not sure if this will completely solve your problem.

Thanks – It is weird I had been using Yoast SEO and it hadn’t effected it, then I updated the plugin and now it changed the descriptions. I have removed that text, and see if that helps. But your right it was initially set to display that message behind the description text, so there might be something else afoot.

Thanks for you help