Download-Summary Graph is showing only 3 Episodes after Publisher Update

Hi guys,

after updating to the newest version of the podlove publisher, I can only see 3 episodes in my graph. Before there where roughly 8 of the latest episodes shown.

By the way: Would it be possible to have a setting, how many episodes shall be shown? So that - if I want - can show ALL of them?


This is a dynamic list depending on the downloads of the last 14 days. We only pick out those episodes that make up 10% or more (or so) of the total downloads.

Showing all episodes downloaded could mean a VERY long list.

Any thoughts on this @ericteubert?

I agree there could be a smarter episode selection. I believe we wanted to only show episodes that contributed significantly but I guess it also wouldn’t hurt to always show the top 10 episodes in the given time frame.

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