Download Tab is gone (Web Player 4, Podlove Publisher 2.7.23, WP 5.1.1)

Hi, I use the current version of Podlove Publisher with Web Player 4 activated for the episodes at our Zeroday Podcast. A user called attention that he misses the download tab in the web player. I had a look in the backend and the download tab ist activated but the user was right, it is not available in the web player. Does anybody have an idea what to do?

@Loewe88 sounds like an issue we’re having over at ?

This is a regression that should be gone with Version 4.2.0+

I ran into this recently as well and the solution for me was to switch to using the CDN for the player so that it is pulling in the latest version, rather than relying on the one that was bundled with the publishing plugin.

Ok, that worked for me as well. At least temporary, we don’t want to rely on third party services where possible.

Hi, we have the same problem at wochendä - switching to CDN helped.