Download URL

I’m trying to use the plugin for the first time.

I can upload my files and create an episode but when I preview there is some behavior that I can’t change.

I am putting my mp3 files in a directory
I have the slug and file names matched and everything looks good. But when I try to play the files in the player or use the download button it looks for the files in another directory:

I’ve looked through every setting I can find to try and figure out where this url is being built. the podlove/file, etc. directories don’t exist and so the files are not found. The upload location is properly set on the media tab of the Podcast Settings.

That’s the virtual URL that is produced to be able to count access to the file for analytics. It should resolve and redirect to the original path. For some reasons your URL does not resolve. This might be related to a PHP error. Is there anything in your log files pointing to a problem here?

Does it depend on rewrites like the fancy permalinks?

If so that would explain why it wasn’t working and I can fix it.