Dual Language, in single feeds and combined

Good day people of the podloveverse :wink:

I am sketching a new podcast project and I was wondering how to do dual language so that listeners have the choice.
So the podcast will have weekly episodes. Sometimes they will be in english, sometimes in german. What I dreamt about was somehing like that: I would have three rss feeds, one is english, one is german and the third just combines the two.
Best would be to be able to do new episodes and tell in which feed thaht episode goes.
Now I was wokndering if it would be a good way to do it via different feeds via the plugin. But that is only good to do different media.
I am wondering if shows would be the way to go.

Is there already a best practice I can use and modify?

Thanks for your advice!


This is indeed a prime example for the Shows module.

Create one show per language, so you get one feed per language. The main feed is the combined feed.

Should work just fine :slight_smile:

Awsome, thank you :slight_smile:

Do you hav any experience how to handle that on the podcast platform? Should I transmit all three of focus on the main mixed one and advertise the other languages within the podcast?

Best Thomas