Embeddable Podlove Player listing all episodes of a podcast

Dear Podlove Community!

I’m looking for a certain way of using the web player and since I haven’t found much useful info in the documentation, I just wanted to check whether my desired use is possible at all.

What I want to do is to use the web player (only) to be embedded in another website that is not directly related to my podcast website of the Open Science Radio (where the Podlove publisher is running). My main issue is that I would like the player to not only show a single episode, but to list all episodes.

Is there any way to do that? As far as I understand it, if it is possible at all, here would be the place to start. But how? It would be so great if you could give me a hint!

A second option might be to use the episode archive of the plugin, right? In this case I assume that the website where I want to embed the episode archive in, needs to have the Podlove plugin installed?

Thanks & cheers,

Embedding is on our list and will come.

Showing a list of multiple episodes is being discussed but not yet specified and/or decided upon. Using the player as a universal access tool to get to the complete archive is a compelling argument but we have to make sure the UI is not becoming too confusing.

Thanks for the info Tim!

Indeed, I think the web player listing a number (or all) episodes would be a very useful entry into a podcast, because it is instantly usable (playable) in contrast to the episode where you have to follow the link to get to the episode. But of course I do understand that UI considerations are important at that point to not end up in a situation where the user does not recognize anymore whether he/she navigates within an episode or between episodes. Looking forward to see if/how you come up with a solution.

So I think the episode archive function of the plugin (via shortcodes) might be an option. But in this case the plugin needs to be installed in the target website, right?


Sorry for that, but any News for the Playerembeding on other Sites?

I am afraid no.