Embedded v5 player does not contain all elements

Hi all,

we run a website that is based on various systems, including WordPress. We use Podlove to display Podcast episodes. Outside of WordPress, we embed the episodes as IFrames.

We would like to display the Podlove players in the same way across all systems. We use Podlove Web Player v5, which (in WordPress) displays chapter lists, transcripts, downloads etc. below the actual player. As far as I know, this is not easy to implement when embedding as an IFrame, because the size of the IFrame would have to be adjusted.

With Podlove Web Player v4, it is possible to display the above-mentioned elements without changing the size of the IFrame (see example).

I have two questions:

  • We cannot configure the Web Player v5 by modifying the embed code so that chapter lists are displayed below the player. Is that correct?
  • Is there a way to display such elements (as with Web Player v4) without changing the size of the IFrame?