Episode assets not found in unicode domain

Hi, my server hosting was switched to unicode domain (namely aikštėje.lt or http://aikštėje.lt/ )
so the path to files is now based on it. Strangely enough, all the previous episodes work well, but when trying to add a new one (or edit an old one), I get an error “file is not found”. Still, when clicking a link, shown in the sreenshot, the file opens in a new tab and plays - this means, the slug and the file are ok.

What do you think is happening? How could I fix this?


Can you provide us with the full path that is reported faulty but isn’t?

The path I’m struggling with is

I’ve also tried changing the upload location in the Media section of settings from
to http://aikštėje.lt/audio/

but it didn’t work.

sorry, the player took over the link

Hmm, I’ve setup a non-unicode alias, and it still doesn’t detect the file.
Actualy, I tried to click “detect duration”, and it worked!

Something weird.
Now similar thing is happening with episode images in the player - can’t get to display anything, despite of correct links. Maybe some sort of wp cache messed up - will research more tomorrow.