Episode Content Duplicated After Migration

I’m migrating my site with over 450 podcasts to Podlove Podcast Publisher. I use it on another site already & love it. However on my new site, after using the migration tool, some posts are duplicating post content. I tried a different theme & this problem still happening with the other theme.

Has anyone seen this issue previously & is there any documentation on fixing it? My cursory search here on the forum didn’t turn up anything yet. Thanks!

I figured out a solution, I needed to delete the original post. Because there was a post and an episode with the same permalink, the content for each was being posted. I’m still having to manually insert the podcast episode shortcode, because even though I have the podcast setting to auto-insert at the top that’s not working…

I am curious about this. I have something similar but I can never finish the last step of the migration. Did you actually click the button on Finalize… or did you just edit the episodes?

Everytime I try to do the Last button press my wordpress times out