Episode Creation API issues

I’ve trying to create a script to automatically download youtube channel’s audio and turn it into an audio podcast. I’m almost there.

I’m using the /wp-json/podlove/v2/episodes API call to create the episode entry then /wp-json/podlove/v2/episodes/{id} API call to load in the episode details – the data is getting loaded in ok, however:

  • Is there a way to upload/create an episode in one call rather than two?
  • The post title for each API created entry is: API created Podcast-Post – how can this be changed to reflect the title of the episode?
  • The media needs to be manually verified, is there a way of automatically verifying the media on Episode creation? The /wp-json/podlove/v2/episodes/{id}/media call doesn’t work
  • The episode/post is loaded in as draft, is there a way to publish the episode (assuming the media verification works)


Example of Python script used:

cur.execute("Select * from audio where LocalRSS is Null order by EpisodeNo;")
rows = cur.fetchall()

for row in rows:

    url = ""

    payload = {}
    headers = {
    'Authorization': 'Basic Ymx1ZWZyb2d1azprTGRnIGQ3MFggOUpEaiBPWDNCIFpMdnogZDR2NA=='

    response = requests.request("post", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

    podresponse = response.json()
    podresponseID = str(podresponse['id'])

    PodID = row[0]
    PodTitle = str(row[1])
    #payload['summary'] = str(row[2])
    PodRecordingDate = str(row[3])
    PodSlug = str(row[4])
    PodEpNo = row[5]
    PodDuration =  str(row[6])

    url = ""+podresponseID+"?title="+str(row[1])+"&slug="+str(row[4])+"&type=\"Full\"&number="+str(row[5])

    payload = {}
    headers = {
    'Authorization': 'Basic Ymx1ZWZyb2d1azprTGRnIGQ3MFggOUpEaiBPWDNCIFpMdnogZDR2NA=='

    response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, json=payload)

Updated - the media verification issue has been resolved (moved the latest Beta and changing type=full rather than type=“Full” seemed to fix the issue

Still having issue with episodes loading as draft and the post title

I created a bash script to automatically create blogposts for my podcast episodes and I also needed more than 1 call. Because on one hand I needed to update podlove data and things like post title is something that can be manipulated using the wordpress api. You can find my script here: laufenentdecken-cli/blogpost_command.sh at master · floriankimmel/laufenentdecken-cli · GitHub - If that maybe helps
What I currently still need to do manually is activate the assets because the podlove api does not support everything that the ui supports.