Episode Filtering

I have been using Podlove Publisher for our podcast “Grace Hour Broadcast”. I now want to start a new podcast alongside this one named “Moment of Hope”. I tried creating categories to get separate feeds for the two. However, the test of the category feed shows as invalid feed. Also, episodes of the new podcast show up in the first podcast list on Google Podcasts and Apple. I have removed them to prevent any conflicts, but now I cannot figure our how to transmit the new feed by itself.
How do I do this?

There are various ways to do this, see Podcast Network | Podlove Documentation

The cleanest would be the “WordPress Network” however most people don’t want to run a WordPress Multisite. Then my next suggestion is to have a look at the “Shows” module.

Thanks @ericteubert,
I do not want to run this as a network as the site it is on is already a part of a network.
Also, I did look at the “shows” feature on a development site but was not too sure of the configuration. The documentation I looked at did not clarify for me. I may have overlooked something so I will try again.
The category feed seemed best as I could use a podcast player on separate pages and filter by category. Just could not get them separated in the outbound feed.
Would it be possible to stop sending the one big feed with everything and just send the categories?
However, based on what you suggest, I guess the better option then is the “Shows” module.

I use the Shows module, and it works great for creating a new feed that only has that particular show on it. The only problem is, the episodes do continue to appear in the main podcast feed. I have considered doing a “second” show for the other podcast, then I’d assume that will truly achieve the separate feeds, as you’ve described, and that I want… however, I just hate to lose all of the work I did to register and promote the original feed.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to add the second show, and use the original feed address, and assign the “main” feed to a new URL? Or do i have to re-register?