Episode Image Not Loading

I feel like I’ve tried everything. PodLove is all working great, but I can’t get the player to show the episode images unless I manually configure the player for each episode. I’ve tried putting them in the same folder, named the same, even the asset is “verified.” I configured a PNG asset, and then choose “Asset: PNG Image” for “Episode Image” in Podlove → Episode Assets. I also tried setting it to “Use Podcast Cover” and “Post Thumbnail” but neither of them work.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

I have a similar problem. For me 80% of the time it works, and then suddenly the JPG image from the assets doesn’t load and I get a blank space in the podlove player and the episode itself in Wordpress. I can’t see any difference in process or format.

I think my problem must be on the Publisher side. The episode images aren’t getting pushed out via RSS.