Episode transcripts


I have a transcript of one of my released episodes and I am considering the best way to post it and associate it with the episode. From looking at the settings pages it doesn’t appear that there is anything along the lines of https://wordpress.org/plugins/seriously-simple-transcripts/, but I am curious if anyone has suggestions for how best to post that content. I can add it to the show notes on the episode page, but I don’t know what the user experience for that would be like…


You can add your transcript as an asset to your podcast and get the same behaviour. There should be proper file types available.

We are working on adding full transcript support to Podlove so that transcripts can show up synchronized in the Web Player.


@timpritlove or @ericteubert what is the current state of affairs for transcripts in episode posts? Should I just create them as their own post and link to them, or is there a mechanism for populating them in the web player? I know that the Podigee player supports it, but I would like to continue using the Player v4 if possible.

Thank you for your help!


The current Beta contains the Transcripts module. If you don’t mind being on a beta release, you can already use it there.


Great, thanks! I’ll give it a try on my QA servers :+1: