Episodes don’t show up on the blog anymore


Episodes are no longer displayed. I get the following error message.

Warning : Cannot redeclare class Twig_LoaderInterface in /var/www/web39/html/vivaperipheria/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/vendor/twig/twig/src/Loader/LoaderInterface.php on line 61

Warning : Cannot redeclare class Twig_ExistsLoaderInterface in /var/www/web39/html/vivaperipheria/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/vendor/twig/twig/src/Loader/ExistsLoaderInterface.php on line 33

Warning : Cannot redeclare class Twig_SourceContextLoaderInterface in /var/www/web39/html/vivaperipheria/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/vendor/twig/twig/src/Loader/SourceContextLoaderInterface.php on line 38

Catchable fatal error : Argument 1 passed to Twig\Loader\ChainLoader::addLoader() must implement interface Twig\Loader\LoaderInterface, instance of Twig_Loader_Filesystem given, called in /var/www/web39/html/vivaperipheria/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/vendor/twig/twig/src/Loader/ChainLoader.php on line 35 and defined in /var/www/web39/html/vivaperipheria/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/vendor/twig/twig/src/Loader/ChainLoader.php on line 39

If I deactivate all templates in podlove, I get the content of the post but of course without webplayer.

Website https://vivaperipheria.de/wordpress
PHP Version 5.6.40
WordPress Version 5.0.4
WordPress Theme WPVoyager Child v1.0
Active Plugins
- AceIDE v2.6.2
- Add From Server v3.3.3
- Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.1
- Archivist - Custom Archive Templates v1.7.4
- Blogger 301 Redirect v2.5.2
- Cachify v2.2.4
- Classic Editor v1.4
- Contact Form 7 v5.1.1
- Custom Post Type UI v1.6.1
- Photo Gallery by Supsystic v1.13.1
- geocache stat bar v2.1.2
- GR Progress v1.5.5
- Jetpack von WordPress.com v7.1.1
- PHP Code Widget v2.3
- Podlove Podcast Publisher v2.7.23
- Podlove Subscribe Button v1.3.6
- Podlove Web Player v2.1.0
- Purethemes.net Shortcodes v2.2
- Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.0
- Silicon Counters v1.1.5
- Simple Custom CSS v4.0.1
- Einfache Social Media Icons v3.0.0
- Styles v1.2
- Super RSS Reader v2.7
- ThirstyAffiliates v3.7
- TravellerPress v1.6.2.5
- Weblizar Twitter Tweets v1.8.2
- Web Fonts Social Icons WP v1.4
- WP Category Tag Cloud v1.7.1
- WP Instagram Widget v2.0.3
- WP-PageNavi v2.93
WordPress Database Charset utf8
WordPress Database Collate
Publisher Version 2.7.23
Web Player Version player_v4
Twig Version 1.33.2
open_basedir ok
curl Version 7.38.0
iconv available
simplexml ok
max_execution_time 180
upload_max_filesize 96M
memory_limit 384M
permalinks ok (/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/)
podlove_permalinks ok
podcast_settings ok
web_player ok
podlove_cache on

0 errors
0 notices
Nice, Everything looks fine!


All clear. I found the malefactor. A plugin called Photo Gallery supsystic. No problem, I wanted to part with it anyway. Thank you very much. Sometimes it helps to just talk about it.