"Episodes" Not Displaying on Dashboard

Hi, I stopped seeing the “Episodes” tab on my dashboard. I’ve tried combinations of changing my theme and deactivating all plugins. Even when Pod Love is the only plugin, I’m still not seeing the “Episodes” tab on two different themes.

My episodes are no longer streaming.

This might be relevant, Dreamhost.com recently upgraded my site’s version of PHP to v8.1.

I’m naive to programming and WordPress. I might not understand more complex jargon/terms. Let me know what additional information would help fix this issue. Thanks so much!

Ok, I fixed it. So for the sake of community helping, here’s what I did:
I went to my web hosting site, Dreamhost.com, and opened my website’s directory (sorry if I’m using incorrect jargon). I saw that the plugin podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress was there. But it wasn’t in my Wordpress dashboard’s plugin tab list of plugin. To fix it, I went to the my website’s dreamhost directory, into the wp-content/plugin file and deleted the podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress file. Then I went to my Wordpress dashboard plugin tab and uploaded the ZIP file available for the Podlove Web Player.
The plugin folder was now present in the directory and the list of plugins on my Wordpress dashboard plugin’s tab.