Error Code: #3

I am facing following problem and I would be glad, if someone could help me.

I am setting up a new podcast with podlove under WP.

I indicated the the source of the mp3s:

I can access the files via browser. The Media Files can also be verified under “Episodes” in the backend. (And played/downloaded by the link shown there.)

But when trying to detect the duration I can the error message: “Could not determine duration (Error Code: #3)”

The same is on the front end. I can download the file from the link there, but it can not be played in the player. (“Es konnten keine Audio Dateien vom Server geladen werden. (…)”)

Can this problem be related to a missing SSL certificate for the subdomain?

Hello :wave:

This sounds like you’ve already published an episode. Could you please provide us with a link to an affected episode?

Do you run the latest versions of the Podlove Publisher Plugin and the Podlove Web Player plugin?


Thank you for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

I published now a test post:

[Edit: Please note that the page with the test post is now password protected: dfg123! ]

The download of the episode (buttom left icon) works (and it can be played in the browser and externally), but the player does not play it after hitting the “play” button. :frowning:

Playing the episode works fine on my end (iOS 14.4).
Do you use any browser settings or add-ons that could block the web player’s functionality?

Oh, this is a good hint. Thank you. This brought me a step further.

It works under Win 10 - Firefox and Edge. But not with Chrome. (I will check it on another device as well.)

It also does not work on other devices under win 10 and chrome. Also the Error Code #3 stays when trying to detect the length of the mp3 in the backend. [Also only under Chrome]

Please note that the page with the test post is now password protected: dfg123!

The Edge browser uses the same basis as Chrome. I do not have a Google Chrome at hand to do further testing.

Maybe @zusatzstoff has an idea.

The files are hosted on a different domain with an invalid certificate: Cross Origin Request are strictly handled in Chrome and require a valid certificate if you are requesting a https resource.


Wow. Thank you so much for this super precise anwer. This will help me a lot. :slight_smile:

You guys are great!

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