Error on Line 121 (web-player-options)

Hey Guys,

since yesterday (I think) I have troubles on my blog. I’m using the current Version of Podlove Publisher and the web player, which was updated yesterday. Since then, I got the error message “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in […]/wp-content/plugins/podlove-web-player/includes/class-podlove-web-player-options.php on line 121”.

My feed was broken after this (same errors multiple times in feed) and I saw the error multiple times on the top of the page, below the preview of every episode and inside the pages of the episodes. Besides, I saw it on the WP menu “all episodes”.

Deleting the player plugin and reinstall it didn’t fix it. Neither do deactivate. Only switching to the old player and deactivating the new player worked for me.

My last experience with PHP is… too old! May you can help me…?!

Best regards,

Thanks for the report :+1: I will investigate and release a fix soon.

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Danke dir!
Wenn du zusätzliche Infos brauchst, gib mir gern bescheid.

Version 5.4.1 sollte das Problem lösen. Gerne Feedback!

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Super für die unglaublich schnelle Hilfe!

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