Error: player is not shown on site

Hi! My webplayer is suddenly not working - instead of the player, you just see this: [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=“223”]
I can’t find any errors. What’s wrong? Can anyone help? I will be very gratefull.
This is an example from my site:
:slight_smile: Marie.

Hey Marie,

My guess is that you’ve updated to the latest Publisher Version right? Could you check what Web Player is selected in the Publisher settings?

Hey Zusatzstoff, thanks for your help!

Yes, it’s updated to the newest version. And it’s Podlove Web Player 5.

It has worked fine for over a year, and then suddenly…

Thank you so much! Because of your question regarding player I changed it to Podigee - and now it works again. I would never have found out without your help. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that. If you ever want to switch to the latest Podlove Web Player (5) you have to install the Podlove Web Player plugin and activate it in the publisher.

Thanks for sharing this tip, I had this same problem… Webplayer version 4 (deprecated) was selected… I changed to version 5 and now all is well!

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