Excerpt of Custom Post Type Episode


on our website we use Podlove with Elementor and the “Elementor Hello” theme.
Elementor has a module to display a list of posts as teasers and add things like an excerpt.

With every other post type, Elementor knows how to display the excerpt with the correct length.

However, if i choose the “episode” post type of Podlove it just shows the entire text of the episode in the excerpt. It doesn’t cut it of.

Here’s an example with the post list where the first post is of a podlove episode post type and the second a regular worpress post.

See the problem? For the regular post the length of the excerpt is as defined in the setting of Elementor. But the podlove episode post type just lists the entire thing as an excerpt.

Is there something with podlove that it doesn’t register it’s excerpts with Wordpress or something like that? Sorry, i’m no developer, so i hope someone in this forum can help.

I found the problem:

Podlove generates it’s own “excerpt” when you fill out the “Zusammenfassung” field in the post backend. Elementor cannot shorten manual excerpts.

I now just need to find a workaround.