Extract media URL from web player

In lack of a suitable RSS feed from the NDR, I’m looking for a way to extract the media URL out of the PWP directly, but did not find any media url.
Would someone please be so kind to advise how to proceed (or highlight other ways one can subscribe to NDR podcasts without published podcast feed)?

You can use the “Files” tab in the player to download the audio. However subscribing is only possible if they provide an RSS feed.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, there is no hint of a downloadable file either in the UI of the player or in the source code. You can find an example here.
I have now contacted them and requested reinstating the previously existing feed. Maybe that helps.

It infuriates me, that a public broadcasting company payed with public money cuts down on open interfaces and advertises their own walled garden (Audiothek) instead.

Oh, then they disabled the download tab of the player :-/

But yes, please contact them directly and complain. It is indeed infuriating seeing the Audiothek being pushed as the main public broadcast audio portal, while being a walled garden. I was part of some meetings when this was happening where I voiced my concerns, but the path seemed set in stone. Now I guess the best we as listeners can do is complain / give feedback.

Hello, it’s a bit unfortunate that there is this orphan audio on the site you linked to, probably because it’s supposed to be just the breaking news audio. But there’s actually a podcast feed for the regional news like for everything else: Nachrichten aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | NDR.de - NDR 1 Radio MV and you can download the audio there.