[Feature Request] "Quick Edit" fields in Episode Table

Hi there,

thank you for that great plugin in advance! I have a suggestion for the “daily work” with podlove as an editor:

Often, I publish a new episode and forgot to set the episode number. Or I need to change the last 4 episode numbers cause I made a mistake. It would be a great relief if I could “Quick Edit” the episode Number in the Episode list table.

I have the same issue with the episode summary. It is a very important piece of content for us (all, i guess), because it is taken as shownotes in iTunes. Often, I just want to change a link in a bunch of episodes and had to click multiple times and wait until the editor loads and scroll and save… A “Quick Edit” would be here very helpful as well.

Looking forward to your ideas, opinions and feedback about suggestion!

Best, Fabian

That does seem useful! Don’t know how much effort it is to extend the quick edit menu right now but maybe someone who knows how do write WordPress plugins reads this and shoots me a Pull Request? :wink:

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Hi Eric, thank you for the positive reaction. Is it common or possible to reward something to make it happen?

I pointed chemiker in this direction, he might have some spare time to look at this.

Quick edit for episode number will be part of the next release. Might add more fields later if this works smoothly. https://github.com/podlove/podlove-publisher/pull/1069

Fantastic - thank you all! Looking forward.