[Feature Request] Support for the new Podcast Index namespaces

Do you plan to add support for this new namespaces? It is an alternative that aims to unify and standardize the feed.

There are many applications, hosts, and podcasts that already support it.

In this way, the elements for: chapters, location, people, transliteration, etc. can be obtained directly from the feed.

The GitHub repository is this:

I reported this issue on the GitHub repo:

Yes we do, and in fact we’re already supporting podcast:funding, podcast:transcript and podcast:person :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for answering. I see you changed the category to Podlove Publisher, I was referring to Podlove Web Player because I thought it was the one used for static websites, which is what I want to use.

So by adding my feed I already instantly have the supported Podcast Index tags?

Sorry if I make technical mistakes but I’m not a developer.

Do you plan to add support for the rest of the tags? I would be very interested in chapters for example, although the rest looks quite interesting too.

Thank you very much for your time!

The specification is for the podcast RSS feed, which is generated by the Podlove Publisher, not the web player.

We already include chapters in the RSS feed (by our own specification which exists for many years) and we’re open to supporting more tags, however there is no fixed roadmap.

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Thank you! I understand now. I had read about the specification of the chapters. I’ll have to do both by hand then, or come up with a script.

It would be super useful if you could get those tags directly from the feed.

I love Podlove, it is the most professional and cool thing I have seen to embed a player for podcasts :blush: .

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