Feed does not validate: more than one image

Hi there,

I have a problem that the feeds of both of my podcasts do not validate. It affects all four feeds (m4a, mp3, ogg, opus) of both podcasts.

The built-in feed validator and http://feedvalidator.org/ say:

[2015-09-13 23:18:45] Error: channel contains more than one image, line 25 in Feed MP4 AAC Feed.

I tried to solve the problem by pressing the repair-button (Podlove --> Support) and I also cleared the cache of my caching plugin ZenCache.

The feeds are:

Technische Aufklärung
MP4 AAC: http://technische-aufklaerung.de/feed/m4a/
MP3: http://technische-aufklaerung.de/feed/mp3/
Vorbis: http://technische-aufklaerung.de/feed/ogg/
Opus: http://technische-aufklaerung.de/feed/opus/

MP4 AAC: http://studierzimmer-podcast.de/feed/m4a/
MP3: http://studierzimmer-podcast.de/feed/mp3/
Vorbis: http://studierzimmer-podcast.de/feed/ogg/
Opus: http://studierzimmer-podcast.de/feed/opus/

Until now I didn’t notice any problems with Podcatchers because of that. They show the podcast image they should. But I would like to solve this problem that the feeds validate again.

I appreciate your help :smile:

Known issue https://github.com/podlove/podlove-publisher/issues/772

Will be fixed in 2.3 release.

Ok, thank you.