Feed image from parent theme's image folder?

I’m using the Podcast plugin Version 2.3.18 with WordPress Version: 4.6.1 using a child theme with Genesis Version: 2.4.2.

Under Podlove > Podcast Settings I have a 1400x1400 image uploaded and saved, stored at http://www.mydomain.tld/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/self-large-square.jpg

However, when I visit the feed itself, there’s a broken image icon. When I check the path for that image, it tells me that it’s looking for the image in http://www.mydomain.tld/wp-content/themes/genesis/images/self-large-square.jpg.

I can certainly upload self-large-square.jpg to that location.

The problem is that because Genesis uses a true parent/child theme relationship, if I update Genesis at some point it will delete the image I uploaded to that location, because I’m only supposed to upload images to the child theme’s images folder. But if I upload to the child theme’s images folder, Podlove doesn’t detect it.

So I have two questions.

First, why doesn’t Podlove use the image that I uploaded to Podlove > Podcast Settings for the main feed image?

Second, where can I change the settings so that Podlove looks in the child theme’s images folder instead of the parent theme’s images folder for the main feed image?

This image configured there should always be used as feed image. The Publisher doesn’t know anything about the theme and doesn’t look for images there.

Okay, but that still leaves unanswered the question of how WordPress knew to add that image name to the channel’s image tag in the first place. How did that image name end up in the feed when Podlove created the feed in the first place? If I knew where I can go to edit it, I’d be glad to do so.

Hard to say, maybe the theme overwrites the feed image in all feeds, regardless if it’s a blog feed or a podcast feed. Try switching to a different theme for a minute to verify that theory.

If it’s not the theme, it might be a plugin. But since it’s a theme path, it’s much more likely the theme itself.