Feed not working validating

Hello again everyone. So im getting closer to going live and moving over from squarespace. However i cant seem to get the feed working. I have configured all the feed settings however if i try and validate it or submit to itunes it says its not valid.

Am i missing something? Here is the feed http://richhome.online/?feed=thepodchatshow

Can anyone help identify where it is going wrong. Many thanks fro all the help

any help on this would be really helpfull , reached bang head against wall time now

Doesn’t look too good here: https://podba.se/validate/?url=http://richhome.online/?feed=thepodchatshow

Yeah tried them all. It’s not pulling back any artwork or episodes. What am I missing if dolled in everything under the settings etc and it just pulls nothing back

The empty first line in your feed could’nt be the problem?12

Our feed starts directly with line 1:


How would I edit that out ?

The feed is generated dynamically, so you can’t edit it like a file. The question is what puts the blank line there. Probably the theme, which you can verify by changing to a default theme. If it’s not the theme, then most likely a plugin.

think your right thats whats causing the issue. I have two Wordpress sites running off the same server. One feed is fine and does not have the blank line this one does.

I have tried reinstalling the plugin and changing the theme and the issue is still there. Any more ideas?