File not found

Hey There, I am a newbie in podlove. Installed the plugin and did the settings as Tim told at the youtube video part 1 and 2.

I also connected with auphonic. The file is transferred and stored at dropbox. I uploaded the file to the “pod” folder on my webpage.

BUT the file could not be found on the media files. I am not able to creat a first test.

Second there is no “episode page” … this does not work … What do I do wrong ?

This for your help

Hi Danny,

what have you added to the setting Podlove | Podcast Settings | Media | Upload Location? It should be a stable directory, in which Podlove can find the media files by their slug. The latter is defined in Add New Episode | Episode Media File Slug.

And this is where I’m not sure whether Dropbox is a suitable back-end. Don’t they generate some random download URL for each file you upload? You may have to let Auphonic send the file to another service that is designed for public downloading.

Hope this helps. I you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to write back :slight_smile: