[Fixed] Problem Using Podlove Web Player 4

on our latest episode there is only shown the pure default web play:
(embedded using short code)

Older episodes (like this: https://www.meinstutensee.de/2020/03/audio-wochenschau-kw9-2020-benefizturnier-konzept-fuer-jugendarbeit-verbesserungen-im-radverkehr/) use the correct Web Player 4.

I think that I have done exactly the same for both. Could you help me please? What’s the difference? I want to use the Web Player 4…


The config request (https://www.meinstutensee.de/2020/03/ohrenschau-kw10-20-corona-virus-italienische-feinkost-familienbildungsprogramm-und-crowdfunding/?podlove_action=pwp4_config) returns a HTML page. Seems like some routing may interfere with the Publisher API route.

Thank you very much! I activated a new URL scheme for episodes so that there can’t be an url conflict with normal posts anymore. Now it works!

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