Generating a Team List / Contributor List

I have already looked for a solution in the previous topics, but unfortunately I have not found anything.

Is there a possibility to generate a team list like the Podlove Team (see screenshot) automatically? I tried that with the templates, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work.


Or am I just getting lost and I create it manually as usual? And if it can be created automatically, is there a space where I can add additionally information about every contributor? The small information text next to Tim and Eric is a good example.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


there is no free-form text field in contributors so there’s no fully-automatic way to generate this. For your mentioned example page, the contributor avatars + social icons are are generated by a custom template, but the page itself is made manually:

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 09.41.41

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Thank you so much, Eric. I wish I could like this answer more than once.