Google Podcast Implementation?

Is Podlove going to implement the new Google Podcast standard in its feeds as described here?

This is clearly going to be the standard going forward for listening to podcasts on Android devices, so the sooner the better in my book.

This is already implemented since before Google announced it :slight_smile:

We don’t use the googleplay namespance in the feed but that is not necessary since Google did not invent any new fields.

Then why doesn’t Google Podcast come up as an option when you hit the Subcribe button using an Android device?

Being compatible with Google Podcasts and offering a Podlove Subscribe Button integration are two different things.

I‘ve already opened a request over on GitHub:

Unfortunately, the development of the Podlove Subscribe Button seems to be slow at the monent.

Thank you for adding it. Yes, they’re not the same thing, but I think we can agree that from a user experience they’re inextricably intertwined.