Grid Template

Hey, is there a way to make a template that shows the latest episodes in a grid format? like 3x3 each one with it own player, i can show it only in a list format at the moment, this is the template that im using:

{% for episode in podcast.episodes({ orderby: “publicationDate”, order: “DESC”, limit: 200 }) %}

{{ episode.player }}

{% endfor %}

also i want to make a clickeable tag that modifies the previous template to only shows episodes with that tag, is it posible in any way?

{% for tag in episode.tags({order: “ASC”, orderby: “count”}) %}
{{ }} ({{ tag.count }})
{% endfor %}

Im using this one but it doesnt work, which is weird since i copied it from the podlove documentation but it shows nothing

I suggest you generate a list of divs and use CSS flexbox to display it in a grid. Set each div to width: 33,333% and you should get what you’re looking for.

Generating an html table is probably possible but very fiddly.